Winter Weekend

It was one of those “clean up” winter weekends. I spent a good bit of Saturday and Sunday cleaning out my files in my desk and the items in my bookshelf. I actually filled a recycling container once. Brett was going out and took it to the recycling center. I filled it again today. It’s nice cleaning house now and then. Even though the weather was somewhat decent, I used the day to perform this cold weather task.

Last night I made lasagna and Dave, Mark and Phil came over for a game night. We had a ball playing some new card games that Mark had. Kings Corner is like solitaire with an interesting twist. Spite and Malice was fun. It reminds me of Skip Bo, a game our pals Al and Keith taught us.

Wylie gets so tired on a long day when we are home. Check out the picture on the right. I caught him sleeping on the sofa. He gave me the get “out of here” look! Boy, is he growing fast. He weighed in at 18 pounds at the vet Friday.

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