another week closer to surgery

On Monday, I checked off a couple more tests on my lap band surgery journey. I had an upper GI x-ray that was not too bad. It wasn’t much of a hassle other than drinking a couple of cups of a thick chalky barium liquid that was less than tasty while rotating your body in a variety of horizontal and vertical positions. The test is to check the condition of your stomach, esophagus and upper intestine, an area that will definitely be impacted by my surgery.

The other thing I completed was my nutritional assessment with a dietitian. It was very informative. We talked about the changes in diet that I need to prepare for after surgery. It’s easiest to start some of them now before the operation. I was a little surprised to learn I will have to give up carbonated beverages. I love Diet Coke. I will have a difficult withdrawal period. Many of the diet changes I made after my heart attack apply to this surgery too.

Some interesting things I did learn. My diet will be about 1,000 calories per day. I can’t eat salad for 3 months after surgery. I love salad. This will be hard. I will have to eat a high protein low sugar diet. Carbs will need to be limited. I can handle less potatoes and bread. I will miss a good bowl of pasta. All in all, it sees like a little to give up for the benefits.

I also learned our pal Shannon in Cincinnati is having gastric surgery. What’s amazing is how fast his insurance approved the surgery. He had an early January consultation and is scheduled for surgery next week. They required no diet or no special tests. His partner Steven lost about the same as Brett did. Like me, he has seen the dramatic changes the surgery can bring to one’s life.

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