2 weeks post-op update

I can’t believe that it is now 2 weeks since my surgery. I am doing extremely well. I have had no problems and no pain this week. My diet is returning to normal. I am now eating softer regular food. I’ve had salmon, a cheeseburger wrap and grilled chicken. Last night I made chicken salad from some leftover rotisserie chicken. It will be my lunch.

My lapband has no restriction as this time, but it is reducing my hunger. On Sunday we were out running around. We stopped at Beef O-Brady’s, a new restaurant near our house, for lunch. I ordered the cheeseburger wrap and pineapple cole slaw. I was able to eat the slaw and brought 1/2 the wrap home. I am getting used to knowing when I should stop eating. I am also chewing the food very well. Michael, my on-line fellow lapband friend, gave me a helpful hint. He called it the 30-30-30 rule. No drinks 30 minutes before you eat. Chew your food 30 times and drink 30 minutes after a meal.

My weight is stabilizing. I lost 3 pounds this week. Now that I am back to normal food, I suspect that will be the case. As my surgeon tells me, ” The six weeks after surgery are about recovery and not weight loss.” I am ready to go back to work. My surgeon gave me my back to work papers, and I am set to go back on Monday.

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