one month down

Today is my one month bandiversary. I have come a long way in a month. I am now back to a regular diet; no more Optifast! My weight stabilized and actually went up 2 pounds in the past week. It had me worried since it has been on a constant down slide over the past 10 weeks. I have 2 good banded chat friends, both named Michael. They remind me that it is not all about weight loss. I have come to see that. That is why I decided to only track my weight loss on the blog monthly. It keeps me balanced on meeting my other goals.

NSV is common in the chat rooms and message boards on weight loss surgery. It stands for non-scale victory. These are the triumphs you have that are not about weight loss. I am having many NSVs lately. Here are a few:

  1. I had to by new jeans and shorts and they were a 38. I haven’t seen 38 in maybe 15 years.
  2. I also had to buy new undershirts and a few causal shirts. I bought XL! In other words, I don’t need to shop in the big men’s department.
  3. I am exercising every work day for 30 minutes and I love it.

In terms of weight loss, I set a series of goals. I know how important they are on this journey. I am happy to report that I exceeded my weight loss goal for the first post-op month by 5 pounds.

This coming Friday, I get my first fill (lapband adjustment). I am kind of anxious and also ready to move on to this phase. Things are going very well and I am so happy that I decided to make this change in my life.

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