Heart Health Report Card for 2008

Yesterday was the third anniversary of my heart attack that led to my triple bypass and 17 day hospital stay. On the first anniversary of the heart attack, I made a goal to make myself accountable in this blog for my overall health and wellbeing. I put together a report card to track my progress yearly on moving to a healthier lifestyle. I believe it accounts for the major factors that determine how heart healthy I am.

This year you will see quite an improvement in these scores. It is mainly attributable to my decision to have bariatric lapband surgery and the changes I have made along the way before and after surgery.

2008, 2007, 2006, 2005
Heart Friendly Diet B+, B+, B, F
Regular Aerobic Exercise B+, F, D, F
Lower Stress Level B+, B-, B, C
Taking Time for Myself B, C, C, D
Prevention of Future Attack B+, B, B, F
Overall Health Grade B+, C, C+, F

Each day this week I will explore one of these key lifestyle measures and their scores as part of my recovery. I know many of my friends read this blog. I hope it serves as education for them in preventing a heart attack in the future.
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