happy 40th brett!

Saturday night I surprised Brett (I think I did.) with a 40th birthday party with 14 of our friends. I think he suspected something but did not know the details. I had told him we were meeting some friends at Ohio Brewing for dinner. Little did he know the size of the group.

Dinner was nice with some bumps in the road that you get when you have 16 people to serve at once. Brett opened his gift with several embarrassing ones from Ambiance compliments of me;) We drove to Stonehenge Bowling Center for 3 hours of lunar bowling. It was a hoot.

We bowled a couple special games. The first one was a Scotch doubles bowling where we bowled funny ways. the bowl through 3 team member legs was fun and frightening at the same time. The pic to the right is Brett throwing and me on the front of the line. It’s dark but you can make out our expressions. We followed that game with a bowling bingo game. We finished the evening at Adam’s Street for drinks. I think everyone had a good time. We slept in today and are pretty tired… a good sign of a fun time the night before.
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