win emboldens coalition of religious groups

Here is an interesting Associated Press article that was posted on Google tonight. My last post centred on the importance of working within the church to affect positive change for GLBT people. This article is a very good analysis on why Prop. 8 in California passed at the polls. The proposition brought together an usual coalition of religious organizations that would never consider working together for any common cause. The wealthy Catholic, Mormon and Evangelical churches amassed major money to support the ballot initiative. The put together an effective ad campaign centered around fear.

The interesting thing to note about this collation is that it would be impossible to work within these churches to affect any change. The message they put forth is that GLBT people are not welcome in their pews. What has to happen is that mainstream Christian, Jewish and other faiths need to work in a manner that counters the message sent by these denominations. The fight for equality is indeed rooted within the churches. GLBT activism is needed in churches and synagogues to weaken their roots so that their campaign of intolerance and hate will fall and wither.
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