4 month post-op check-in

Today is my 4 month bandiversary. I’ve had my lapband for 4 months. I planned to give a weight and goal update. I have to postpone that until next Saturday. I am out of town without my scale. We are still in Vegas through Friday afternoon. The pic to the left is an attractive fall display in the hallway connecting The Palazzo and The Venetian. I walk through it several times a day to and from the conference.

The band is definitely working. My diet has been greatly constrained this week. At a banquet dinner last night, a petite fillet and chicken breast were served for dinner. I ate 1/2 of the breast and 1/3 of the fillet with a few veggies and salad. I was full. Both breakfasts so far have not gone well. I was very selective and still had issues with the food. So, I am definitely getting hands-on lessons on what to eat and when to stop.

I worry about exercise, but I walk a lot around at the conference. Last night Brett and I walked up The Strip to Walgreen’s. I found out that it was a 2 mile trek each way. It didn’t seem like it. Being Saturday night, The Strip was crowded with all kinds of people. I love the brides carrying a bottle of beer. Now that is a class act!
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