Bariatric Eating is a web site created by Susan Maria Leach, the author of Before & After… Living & Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery with 100 Low Carb, High Protein Recipes for a Healthier, Happier, and Slimmer You. Bariatric Eating is more than just a recipe web site. Its pages offer a variety of resources including a retail outlet for purchasing WLS related products including protein powders, vitamins and a nice assortment of sugar-free treats and cooking items.

There is a nice set of pages that offer support for WLS patients. Topics covered include nutrition and exercise. One of the nicest support resources is a post-op pantry list. I enjoyed the iPod playlist suggestions on the exercise page. The BMI calculator was convenient and easy to use.

I found my way to Bariatric Eating when someone recommended a recipe. The Recipe Box is a nicely done collection of recipes. The footnote on most of these recipes credit the author’s book, Before & After… Living & Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery… as the source.

I like the fact that the author includes original recipes, as well as, recipes redone for bariatric diets. I am a fan of Company Chicken which can be found in most church, school or community organization cookbooks. Bariatric Eating transformed the recipe by lightening the sugar in the dish. The recipes on the site are accompanied by a fill color photo. There is also a Holiday section with bariatric friendly food for the holidays. This is a nice addition since the holidays are loaded with temptations for anyone watching their diet.

I would recommend that you bookmark the site. It is not a large collection of recipes. I look at it as another place where I can look to find healthy recipes. One thing that I glean from these sites are the techniques the chefs use to lighten the recipe and make it bariatric friendly. I can the apply them to my personal recipes.

The other day I made Bariatric Eating’s Tuscan White Bean Dip. It was a hit at the party. I am posting it in another blog entry.

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