snow day

It is one of those days when you just want to put on your sweats and lounge around the house and do nothing. That is what we are doing now but our weekend didn’t start that way. I worked at home yesterday and decided to surprise Brett with a lemon baked chicken dinner with roasted root vegetables. (It’s still in the fridge.) With Akron Canton and Cleveland airports snowed in, his flight from Boston got changed to Columbus. He ended up driving, getting home at 1:00 a.m. so that he could beat the snow.

This morning we had to trudge out in the weather to a recognition dinner at Belgrade Gardens for our Thrivent Chapter. We had half of the confirmed attendance and the restaurant closed due to the weather when we finished. It was my last event that I planned. I retired from chapter leadership. I have one less monthly commitment to meet. I have been pairing down my volunteer involvement to free up personal time for myself. It is one of my heart health goals.

The roads were very bad with many accidents and slow going. We got about 8″ of snow with more expected overnight. The dogs love it, except Emily. High snow is not welcomed by mini dachshunds. Brett has snowblowed the driveway twice already. I do like the look of our house in the snow. I also love going in the hot tub on a snowy night. It is so peaceful and quiet. I am sure we will enjoy that experience tonight.
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