snow, snow, snow

b2010_0206BigSnow0051 Last night was like a scene from white Christmas. Snow started falling in the afternoon.  There as only a few inches when I got home from work. We headed out to dinner and grocery shopping. It was quite b2010_0206BigSnow0063beautiful and not that bad on the road. During the few hours we ere out, snow started speeding up to about 1 1/2” an hour. We woke this morning with about 15” on the ground. It’s that sticky, fluffy snow. After breakfast we shoveled and snow-blowed the drive and walks clear.

It’s going to be a quiet day at home. It’s that perfect winter storm coming on a weekend. So, we’re in for a day of movies and catching up on things we’ve been putting off doing. It’s also comfort food time. I’m making a pot of white b2010_0206BigSnow0062chicken chili for lunch. Dinner will be baked stuffed peppers with mashed potatoes. There will be plenty of  leftovers for the week. Tomorrow we are off to a lesbian Super Bowl party.b2010_0206BigSnow0065 It will be a great time as always with these girls!

Here are some pics from this morning. We finally got Emily to wear her winter parka she got for Christmas! For some reason she did not mind it at all. Up to now, she b2010_0206BigSnow0067thought it was a chew toy to play with. Anyway, she does look pretty cute in it, don’t you think?

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  1. pervbear February 28, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Wild squirrels in their fur coats have nothing on the Inmaculate Miss. Emily in her Frothy Furs!!!


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