the illusion of spring

b2010_0213HomeShow0008 Today Brett and I went to the Great Big Home and Garden Show in Cleveland. For many years we have been going to the show with our friends Vic and Jamie. It’s one of those traditions that we all enjoy.

b2010_0213HomeShow0010 This show is always one of the signs that winter is soon to be on its the way out. As usual, it was cold and snowy outside. The gardens were especially nice this year. Actually, the show was much better than it has been for years. A new promoter took over the management of the show. It really showed. The gardens were bigger, the show space bigger b2010_0213HomeShow0020 and there was a nice balance of vendors. It was a very enjoyable day.

I love watching the gadget demos. There were the usual; Sham Wows, dicers and slicers, magic mops and massaging showerheads. There were these cool polymer bowl toppers that vacuumed sealed any container with a gentle press. I b2010_0213HomeShow0039 liked the demo but thought that $29.99 was a little high. Of course, the demo guy pointed out they were $50 on TV.

We bypassed the tours of the houses. The lines were pretty long. I especially liked the new area where they had the gardens. It was an area of the IX Center I have never been in. The ceilings were a little lower and the room b2010_0213HomeShow0052 finished a little nicer than the exhibition hall. It gave it a very peaceful feel with the quieter space separated from the hectic areas of the home show. 

Here are some pictures of some of the gardens. It will help you forget the cold, ice and snow of February.Think spring!

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