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The other night Judge Judy appeared on Larry King. She mostly spoke about the financial crisis. At the end of the interview Larry King asked her about California Proposition 8. Below are her comments from the CNN web site.

I love Judge Judy. She is my guilty pleasure when I am home from work or on vacation. She is a non-nonsense person. Her response is short and to the point. She hits the issue right on the head. Like her, I wonder “Just what is this preoccupation with same sex marriage?”

King: Proposition 8, it bans marriage of two [people of the] same gender. The high court of the state of California heard the appeal of the vote of the people. What do you think?

Judge Judy: We’ve got a lot of trouble in this country. We’ve got a lot of trouble in the world. Why the state should be interested in proscribing the word marriage from two people who love each other, who are responsible, tax-paying, productive people, who have created a family … why the state would have an interest in proscribing that kind of conduct, I don’t understand.

I understand the anger about poverty. I understand the anger about AIG. I understand the problem about the banks. I understand the problem about Afghanistan and the Taliban and everything else. But I don’t understand the preoccupation with gays being permitted to marry.

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