8 month post-op report

I checked the calendar and realized that I passed my 8 month bandiversary without making a post. As one of my personal goals, I am posting my weight loss and health progress monthly. This past month I dropped another 4 pounds and weigh-in at 198 pounds. That’s a little slower than I would like. My surgeon is quite happy with the rate of loss. I’ve now passed 50% of excess body weight loss. That is a national standard for lapband success at 2 years post-op.

I got a .25cc fill on Friday bringing my fluid level to 7.75cc in a 14cc band. My surgeon and I negotiated that little tweak to appease my anxiety. I am happy with my restriction. OK folks, you heard it from me. I b*tched constantly bout having no restriction and demanding more, more, more for months! I have become content with how things are progressing.

I had a nice long discussion with my surgeon Friday. He reviewed my past two blood works and commented on how good things are looking. He believes that I may be able to go off of both of my cholesterol Rx. I have a doctor’s appointment in a few weeks where I plan on disucssing this with him. Heart healthwize, he says I am a star. My triglycerides, blood pressure, A1C and cholesterol are way into the normal range.

It has taken me 8 months to realize that there are many more things than just watching the scale. From the start, my lapband chat buddy and mentor Mick has been drilling that into me. He isn’t alone. He is joined by my fellow lapbanders, Mike and Mike. I just had to arrive at the realization that my health and emotional state are more an indicator than the pounds lost on the scale. Thanks for that advice Mick.

Dr. Z. and I spent time discussing when I will be content with my weight loss. I know that many patients lose for 12 months and then maintain. Some do continue to lose for up to two years. I know my body will most likely be reaching its desired weight sometime this summer. I came out of the meeting feeling good about reaching 185 by mid to late summer. I plan on meeting that goal and hope to exceed it. At the same time, I am not going to beat myself up if I don’t reach it.

So, the word for this month is “content”. I am a happy bird with where I am right now.

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