9 month weight loss check-in

Here’s this month’s update on my weight loss journey. I’ve lost another 4 pounds this month bringing me only 3 pounds away from being overweight. A few weeks back I joined an at-work team-based Biggest Loser type of competition. Add to that my Weight Watchers. They both keep me honest an accountable to keep the loss going.

It hasn’t been the best week for me and my Lapband. I had issues with two dinners and today’s lunch. The common denominator appears to be dry chicken or hamburger. Since my last .25cc fill, I am very sensitive to what I eat. What makes my latest episodes different than any I have had before is the fact that they seem to hang around for hours rather than just 30 minutes or so.

Something that is easier said than done is knowing when to stop. I do get the signal that it is time to stop eating, but my “head hunger” keeps me eating. It only spells trouble. I am getting better at controlling it but still have a ways to go to silence it. It goes back to being raised where you left no leftovers; the clean plate syndrome.

In terms of non-scale victories, I have had several this month. I am consistently under 200 on the scale now. I had to go buy several short sleeve shirts. I think the last of my XXL’s need to go this weekend. And… I am now wearing some of Brett’s shirts. I am wearing 38″ waist jeans and pants. While shopping today, I saw a pair of 36″ shorts I really wanted. I bought them as a challenge to be wearing them by Memorial Day weekend.

As I approach my 1st bandiversary (anniversary of surgery), I have become more cognizant that the success of my surgery is not all about weight. My health, physical ability and mental state are much improved. I will admit that I would love to be at 185 pounds by July 16. We will see how close I get to meeting that goal.

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  1. kcbelles April 20, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    Congrats, Tom, not only on the weight loss, but coming to terms with what all this weight loss means to your overall health and well-being. Best wishes for continued to success – I’m sure you’ll fit into those 36s in no time!


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