overweight… finally!

I am finally overweight with a BMI of 29.9.

My monthly lapband surgeon appointment went very well. I lost another 4 pounds this month and reached a 55% loss of excess body weight. That is well above the national average for lapband patients. Nationally, patients lose 40-50% of their excess body weight at their two year surgiversary.

I opted to get a small fill of .2cc in my lapband bringing me to 8cc in my 14cc band. For the first time, I knew it was time for a fill. I am getting pretty good at gauging how my band works and what my limits are. I could tell that my recent weight loss took me to a point where the band needed adjusted. I am doing well with this fill.

I think I have matured quite a bit in terms of my weight loss philosophy. I now know that it is more about how you feel, your overall health, and appearance that make a greater difference than the actual pounds. At my annual cardiologist exam, he told me that I was in excellent heart health. Believe me; I have not heard those words from him before. My primary care physician also believes that I have dramatically improved my health.

Food and diet are the areas I continue to work on. I am doing pretty well in making proper choices. I still challenge my band too often and suffer the consequences. These episodes are becoming more infrequent. Diet and eating habits are hard to change. I suspect that I will always be battling this war for years to come.

When went to the Ticker Factory and updated my weight loss tracker this month, I realized that I am not that far from my goal. I do think that 175 will be a stretch for me, but I am going to try to make it. If I am at it by our post Thanksgiving cruise, I will be very happy.

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