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Time seems to be flying by as we get closer to Brett and my September wedding. We’ve been busy over the past four months planning our special day. I can now personally relate to many brides who plan their weddings. My two primary observations are: (1) Weddings are costly endeavors. I keep adding rows to our budget spreadsheet. (2) There is a lot more planning involved than I ever imagined. I could really us a Franck from The Father of the Bride movie.

Right now we are firming the catering and logistics of the ceremony and reception in Provincetown. We’ve got the pastor set; a photographer hired; family travel arranged; and reservations set at the inn. It is somewhat of a challenge doing these tasks long distance. Our innkeeper hosts are quite easy to work with though. I am a little nervous that our ceremony and reception will be outside in mid September. Let’s hope that we luck out with a beautiful Indian summer weekend on the Cape. Just starting on those alternative plans now.

After deciding on a Massachusetts wedding, we wanted to have a reception in Ohio with all of our friends and family in mid November. We wanted this celebration to be closer to our 20th anniversary. We are well on the way to planning it right now. It hasn’t been our primary focus since it follows the wedding by a couple of months. We have the date, location and a few primary plans set.

My spare time has been spent working on guest lists, selecting invitations, and other wedding stuff. It is amazing how many wedding web sites are out there. What’s even more amazing is how quickly these sites are embracing same sex marriage. I know a few years back when we were considering marriage; there were a handful of gay wedding sites with limited merchandise of not the best quality. Today, there is a wide assortment of items of outstanding quality that are specifically targeted to gay and lesbian couples.

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