a summer evening ride

b2009_0812biking0011 The storm the other night took out our Internet, cable and phone. I took a half day vacation today to meet the cable guy. He got us partially up and running. The cable and Internet are up and running. Unfortunately the network and phone are still down. The lightning fried the router and Vonage box. At least I have one Internet connection and cable TV for now.

I spent the afternoon running some errands and catching up on miscellaneous things I needed to do for our wedding. By 4:30 p.m. I was done and caught up. The weather was perfect outside, and I decided to take an evening bike ride.

I loaded up the bike and headed to the Towpath Trail at Mustill Store near downtown Akron. I biked north to Liberty Commons just above Portage Trail. I like this ride a lot. It’s shady with some interesting sights and an easy evening ride.

b2009_0812biking0004 You pass near and through several old canal locks. My favorite part is a large serpentine wooden bridge over wetlands. It is a lot of fun coming back south from Portage Trail where the ride is downhill. I coast though it at about 20 mph.

It was an enjoyable 9 mile ride taking me about 1 hour. I made several stops for water and to take some pictures. This summer has been perfect for getting outdoors and having fun.

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