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b2009-08-08_State_Fair It was a weekend at the fairs for Brett and me. Brett’s family show draft ponies at several fairs during the summer and fall. Fairs are all about tradition, family and the roots of Ohio. On Saturday we went with Brett’s parents to the Ohio State Fair. It has been several years since Brett and I have been. Ib2009_0809Fairs0010t was an annual tradition for years for us when his family showed Jerseys at the fair. 

Along with the normal fair doings, we attended the the 50th Annual Ohio Jersey Futurity completion. It was pretty interesting; a contest of 2 year old Jersey cows for a championship crown. It was interesting to see the coliseum filled with 70 cows. This event is all about tradition. b2009_0809Fairs0016Families who have raised Jerseys for years visit and reminisce during the evening. Hey, we even got free chugs of milk! 

Sunday morning came early and we were off to the Hartford Fair at 6:30 a.m. We arrived at the fairgrounds as dawn broke. This fairground is beautiful and extremely well maintained. It literally sits in the middle of farm fields. I like this fair. It is wb2009_0809Fairs0029hat a fair really is. Churches, booster clubs and community organizations run food booths with homemade food. Farm implement displays are plenty. It just feels like a fair. 

Brett and his family showed draft ponies in the draft horse and pony show. They did extremely well this year with multiple first and second place ribbons. b2009_0809Fairs0058This fair is always hotter than hell and this year proved to carry on that tradition. A strong breeze cooled us somewhat during the day.

I blew my Weightwatchers diet for sure. I hate the thought of the scale tomorrow morning. A highlight of my eating this weekend includes a Schmidt’s Bahama Mama dinner, kettle corn ice cream  (a new Velvet flavor), chickeb2009_0809Fairs0080 n and noodles, beef and noodles, and a shredded chicken sandwich. It was worth the gain. It’s my once a year gorging on fair food. This was a real Ohio summer weekend; heat, humidity and fairs.

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