a kent type of saturday morning

b2009_0829Kent0007 After our morning rain, the skies cleared and gave us a beautiful day. I decided to venture to Downtown Kent and the Haymaker Farmer’s Market. It is the best community farmer’s market in the area. There are usually 20 or 30 vendors selling a variety of goods.

Being Kent, it sort of has that earthy flair. There are plenty of veggies and fruits along with handmade soaps, baked goods, herbs, and perennials. Today, a steel drum band played along the road. Petitioners for more liberal ballot initiatives were also on-site. It really captures the hippie, university flavor of the city.

b2009_0829Kent0018 After shopping, I decided to explore the trail on the west side of the Cuyahoga River. It is a very scenic and peaceful trail that hugs the river. I even came across a man playing the bagpipes on a deck along the path. This looks like a real nice trail to take an evening walk. It appears to go some distance north and south of Main Street.

b2009_0829Kent0021I was looking for lettuce, garlic and eggplant at the market. Check out the eggplant I bought. I pulled it out of the basked and turned it around only to see it’s extra appendage. Leave it to your imagination. Is it a nose or…

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