the beach and deals in cozumel

b2009_1203Cozumel0010 Last night we set sail from Cozumel and began our return voyage to Miami. It’s a pretty peaceful morning on the ship with temps in the 80s with pretty high humidity. I started the day with an early morning spinning class and quick breakfast before returning to my room to write this post on the veranda. Cozumel is a major party port. I think a lot of the ship is still recovering. I know Brett is. He is still asleep. Too many mandarin vodka and pineapple juices. Hehehe 😉

b2009_1203Cozumel0037 I enjoyed Cozumel. There were some great shopping bargains to be had. I love the bartering and Brett detests it with a passion. I picked up some super nice Mexican .925 silver yesterday. I think I am pretty good at the “deal”. I was able to generally get the merchant down to about 1/3 – 1/2 of their stating price. I bought a heavy bracelet, necklace and a very nice silver and onyx ring for about a total of $100. Our fun purchase were b2009_1203Cozumel0020 Mexican wrestler masks. They will be great Halloween outfits. After negotiating my bracelet price, I got the merchant to throw two of them into the deal.

Most of our day was spent at a beach bash. Our Pied Piper group was at a  private beach resort. It was super nice with a wide beach, good restaurant, infinity pool and a nice size shopping village on site. The food was excellent. I had the best ship tacos with fresh salsa I think I have ever had. I think everyone got a little too much sun. It was about 95 and very sunny. It was just a nice place to relax and have a good time.

Today is a sea day. I plan on writing our wedding thank-you cards and relaxing by the pool. The ship also has special sales and events going on b2009_1204Cozumel20015 throughout the day. I plan on just taking things as they come. I would love to ice-skate today. I need to check the rink’s hours.

As you can tell, I am blogging fairly regular. Brett and I got a lot of free Internet credits I plan on using up. So, maybe I’ll post something later today. It will most likely be tomorrow which will be out last full sea day.

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