southern ride on the canal

bCanalFulton 020 Sunday morning Brett and I were off to Canal Fulton for our bike club,, weekend ride. We have a weeknight and weekend ride on the calendar alternating days and evening to accommodate the different schedules of our riders. Today’s ride started at St. Helena Park in downtown Canal Fulton and followed bCanalFulton 047the Towpath Trail north to Eastern Road where the Towpath ends. This is one of the few remaining breaks in the trail through Summit County.

The trail traffic was very light during our ride. This is a pleasant ride through a very natural setting. We saw lot of turtles, muskrats, ducks and a blue heron. The temperature was perfect. We were joined by Susan and Christine on the ride. They are both such good company. 

After our ride, we scouted out the pavilion in St. Helena Park. We have rented it in mid June for our club’s kick-off event.  What a nice park right in the heart of activity along the Towpath. Since it was bCanalFulton 073after Noon, we were ready for lunch. We had spotted a Thai restaurant along the Towpath. Christine says it is great. We were disappointed that it was closed on Sundays.

We ate at the Century House Restaurant along the Towpath. It was a small town bar/restaurant combo known for their burgers. I  seldom eat burgers but ordered a cheeseburger and shared onion bCanalFulton 055rings with Brett. OMG… The food was excellent. We sat on the outside deck overlooking the canal. It was very nice (except for the bird that relieved itself on my shoulder.) Another enjoyable weekend ride:)

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