My Top 10 Techie Buzzwords for the Week

I am at CA World, a large tech conference in Las Vegas, this week with about 8,500 geeks. It ain’t a pretty sight 🙂 Anyway, after my first three days of keynotes, speeches and the such, I’ve come up with I believe are the top 10 buzzwords for the conference. I thought I would share them with you. I won’t give you the meanings. You will have to Google them if you don’t find yourself to be a tech guru. After each one, I put what I think of every time I hear the word. As you can see, I am often buzzed out and in another place.

10. Communities – Tie dyed shirts and hippies
9. Technologies – Bad memories of old jobs
8. Partners – Gay couples
7. Viral – Hmmm, STDs, swine flu?
6. Agility – Zzzzzzzzzzzz
5. Social Media – Who here should be my FaceBook friend?
4. Virtualization – My Wii Mii

3. My CA – Arnold and Maria’s California commercial
2. SAAS – Why use an acronym so close to SAS?

1. The Cloud – Beyonce and Halo

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