my 2nd surgiversary… life is good!

beforeafter Today is the 2nd anniversary of my Lapband weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery (WLS) post-ops generally refer to these dates as surgiversaries. My cycling pal Chuck has what I think is a better term, “rebirthday”. I like that since it signifies that you made a change in your life and are given new birth as the result of the surgery. Plus, you can actually sing “Happy Rebirthday to Me!”

Most people like to see the facts. Today I weigh-in at 191 pounds. That’s a pound heavier than my last rebirthday. I weighed-in at about 270 on New Year’s Day 2008. 79 pounds gone is a good thing. I had approached this surgery from the point of making myself a healthier person. Sure, I wanted to be skinny and look better too. I must say that the health side of this story is pretty astounding. In February I had a large number of cardiac tests and a stress test. They all confirmed that my heart health is excellent. My cardiologist and primary care physician say that the tests and my blood work look like a person in their late 20s. It’s nice to hear that from people who I used to dread going to and listening to about how I need to loose weight and exercise.

Speaking of exercise, I have really made changes in that department. I still get up daily at 5 am to do the treadmill for 30 minutes. I would love to fit more time in but my schedule is just too full. I bicycle at least 2 times a week and try to cycle as much as 4 times a week. I confounded a cycling club for WLS patients and have met so many new friends on the rides. Looking back at my recent vacations, it tells the story. They all involve cycling or other physical activities. Even on our cruise I ziplined, hiked and tubed down a river in the jungle.

So, am I a WLS success? I am always reluctant to say that I am. I see many more people lose so much more. I am a lightweight when it comes to weight loss with my loss being less than 100 pounds. I also know I should be able to shed at least 10 more pounds. Looking back over two years, I can definitely call myself a success. I lost 58% of my excess body weight beating the average of 40-50% loss. More importantly, I have kept it off. I love cycling and exercising. I very much eat healthy and a lot less in quantity. Gone is my once steady diet of pasta, burgers, and fast wood. I am in a very happy place with my body, activity and life. Life is good!

I’ve given thought recently to where I should go from here. I am very goal focused and have set many around my weight loss. In the coming month I’ll be attempting to achieve a biggie for me. I am cycling the 25 mile course of Eddy’s Sweet Corn Challenge. In mid-August I am cycling the 150 mile MS Pedal to the Point. I’ve been cycling a lot to train and hope that I can make it to the end of each of these events. It will be a real achievement for me. Beyond that, my goals are to continue cycling and exercising. I really want to lose another 10 pounds. I plan on involving myself in more activities that I gave up for my surgery. I knew I wanted to spend a few years “working on me”. The time is now to return to activities I love doing.

Happy Rebirthday to Tom! Happy Rebirthday to Tom!

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