a look back on 2010

tombikeOn January 1, I decided to try something new when setting goals for the New Year.  I created a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish in 2010. Looking back, I didn’t do too well; only completing 8 of the 30 items. It was really a list of places and things I wanted to experience during the year. The list had no focus or direction. It was just a list of want-do-do’s. In my next post on January 1, I’ll talk about my 2011 goals and the method I used to build them and give them direction. I am pretty  psyched on  what is in store for me in 2011.

Cycling… That pretty much sums up the major focus of 2011. In 2009 I developed a love for cycling. 2010 was the year when I turned this love into a sport for me. Here are my cycling highlights for the year.

  1. Formed the Spin-offs, a cycling club  for weight loss surgery patients, with two other friends.
  2. Spent my birthday weekend cycling the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail in Maryland with my pal Aaron.
  3. Cycled trails in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts for a week with may pal Rich.
  4. Rode in my first organized ride, the Sweet Corn Challenge in Richfield.
  5. Completed all 150 miles of the MS Pedal to the Point in August in better time than I thought I could do.
  6. Completed a metric century ride (63 miles) at the Hancock Horizontal Hundred. I so wanted to put my first century ride under my belt.
  7. Cycled just about all of the Towpath Trail, Summit Hike and Bike, and Portage Hike and Bike numerous times on my twice weekly rides.
  8. I met so many nice people and formed many numerous friendships with other cyclists.

Looking beyond cycling, my health improved as I cycled my summer away. My primary care physical and cardiologist are amazed at how much my health has improved. My cholesterol is at 130 and my blood pressure is 65/120. My weight has stayed consistent; actually dropping a bit as I enter 2011.

2010 had some sad moments. My mother passed away in late February at age 91. She suffered a long bout with Alzheimer’s Disease. In October, my partner Brett’s mother passed away suddenly at age 63 as the result of a brain aneurism and stroke. Life is short. Value your parents while they are alive and treasure their memories when they are gone.

As a blog reader, you probably noticed more infrequent blog posts. Time just got away from me. I have actually become a very active technical blogger about data modeling and the data professional community at my CA Technologies Community Blog. 2011 will see a transformation of my personal blogs and websites into a unified website concentrating on wellness, cycling, exercise, diet and weight loss support.

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