Tom’s Frozen Fruity Protein Shake

I have never liked protein drinks.  Since my bariatric surgery, I have had to get somewhere around 75-80 grams of protein per day in my diet.  A protein shake is the easy way to get a good start on my protein intake for the day. I tried an assortment of the low sugar protein powders using both milk and water. No matter what I did, they had a grainy texture and strange taste.

I finally found the perfect protein powder, BSN Syntha-6. BSN has fantastic flavors such as chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream and strawberry milkshake, as well as, the normal chocolate and vanilla. I believe their protein powder is the most flavorful with no strange texture or aftertaste. I like to use their vanilla in my shakes and oatmeal.

I thought I would share my daily morning pick-me-up after I finish my morning workout on the treadmill. My secret to make the shake taste amazing is the addition of frozen fruit. Protein shakes taste much better when they are super cold and near frozen. Strawberries are especially good right now. I clean them and freeze them on a cookie sheet. I put them in freezer bags after they are frozen. Bananas also freeze well. Peel and slice them into 1/2“ rounds on cookie sheets before you bag them.

This shake gets me almost halfway to my daily protein target of 75-80 grams. A ½ chicken breast or tuna on my salad puts me near the target. A dinner with lean protein seals the deal. To me the key to meeting that protein target is to start the day off with this high protein drink.

Place the following in your blender or Magic Bullet and blend until smooth.

Calories Protein (g)
½ cup frozen strawberries 24.5 .5
½ cup frozen bananas 67 .8
1 cup no-fat milk 86 8.4
Splenda or Truvia 0 0
1 scoop BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder 180 24
Total 357 33.7
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