GOBA Day 5: Recharging our bodies, bikes and mobile devices

Today was a day of rest for much of GOBAville. I did not cycle the optional loop. I sleep in some and decided to enjoy the hospitality of New Bremen. It was a day to recharge; especially phones, iPads and tablets.

My pal Paula and I walked into town to the Bicycle Museum of America. New Bremen seems like an odd location for a national museum. The story I heard was that the museum had been in Chicago and owned but Schwinn. When they went bankrupt, a local businessman bought the museum and relocated it too the village.

It was a pretty interesting place. About 350 bikes from the early 1800s to today were on display with about 700 bikes in the basement storage. The stacks of bikes in the basement were the most interesting part of the museum.

New Bremen has done an excellent job hosting GOBA the past few days. There is a very diverse selection of food available all day. Brats, spaghetti, pork chops, chicken BBQ and cabbage rolls are some of the dinner items available on site. We ate a delicious lunch at a coffee shop in downtown New Brenen.

Early tomorrow morning we pull up camp and head to Sidney as the week comes closer to a close. The weather looks to be sunny and warm. It also looks to be a great day of cycling as we close in our circle through western Ohio.





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