GOBA Day 6: The heat is on

I could attribute my early arrival into Sidney to the summer solstice. This is the day that the earth is most inclined to the sun. Perhaps this angle gave me a faster downhill coast during my 49 miles from New Bremen.

It was the quintessential hot summer day. Full sun with barely a cloud heated up my ride and gave me incentive to ride faster and take shorter breaks. The countryside again changed with a little more roll and some shady spots of the almost non-existent shade of the past few days.

My front disc brakes had been troublesome much of the week and were squealing this morning. I had the Baer Wheels repair guy work on them at lunch. He adjusted them and eliminated the noise. He also gave me some good pointers on maintaining disc brakes. It was great service that only cost a donation.

35 mikes passed fast as we cycled through Piqua before heading north to Sidney on the final 14 miles of the day. GOBAville at Sidney is sprawling with facilities scattered around the large school grounds.

Our group loaded into the van and headed downtown for the GOBA Talent Contest. It was very entertaining with some talented folks singing parodies of popular songs. The winner parodied Kenny Rogers’ “You Took a Long Time to Leave me Lucille” titled “You Took the Wrong Time to Leave me Loose Wheel”.

I head out tomorrow morning for my last leg of GOBA back to Urbana. My week of cycling cones full circle. What an amazingly fun week it has been.






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