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A big thank you goes out to my friends for supporting me on the 3-2-1 Ride. This bike ride, organized by the Woiner Foundation of Pittsburgh, fights melanoma and pancreatic cancer through fundraising for research.

I surpassed my $500 fundraising goal through your generous donations totaling $650! Sue’s Crew, the team I cycled with, blew past their goal and raised $3,245! The 3-2-1 Ride set a record in its fifth year by raising over $90,000! The good news is that EVERY dollar raised goes to the Woiner Foundation. Sponsors cover ALL expenses for the ride.

Photos courtesy of Marty Balazs

I am now seven months into my retirement. Prior to my retirement I spent a good bit of time asking myself, “What does retirement mean to me?” I have continued to ask myself that question in my retirement. The good news is that it is becoming much clearer.

I have read a good bit on what it takes to live meaningful life. There are many authors, bloggers and speakers out there evangelizing on how you can live a better life. Most of their strategies center around 3-5 principles. A common item emerges from almost these blueprints for life. That common theme is living life with a purpose

Living life with a purpose is important wherever you are in life. Living life with a purpose takes on a more important focus at retirement. Suddenly, you can shape how, when and where your time and talents will be used. There are many dimensions to being happy in retirement. Having a purpose in life is what binds everything together.

The 3-2-1 Ride is a prime example of me living life with a purpose. I love cycling. I am pretty good at fundraising. I am a good motivational writer. This opportunity was a chance to enjoy life while helping others using my talents.

A key component of living a life with a purpose is to live life in a way that helps others and makes the world better. It’s easy to set goals for your life and work toward giving yourself a healthier and happier life. Life with a purpose is about knowing your talents and limitations, understanding your motivators and passions, and pulling them together to make the world around you a better place.

Thanks again to everyone for your donations and support for this ride. I hope that I have been able to convey what living life with a purpose means. I hope that you are interested in discovering how your life can benefit the people around you. Just know that this is not an overnight transformation and that it is unique to each of us. Now is the time to take those first steps.

Tom Bilcze
Retired Guy on a Bike

PS: If you are interested in donation to the Woiner Foundation’s 3-2-1 Ride, please click here ==>

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