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3-2-1 cycling for a cause

Retirement gives me more opportunities to cycle. Cycling for a cause is an important part of my cycling adventures. I cycled the Bike MS 150 for many years prior to my retirement. I looked to continue this tradition in central Ohio. Pelotonia is the premiere charity bike ride in Columbus. It is integrated into central Ohio bike culture with the expectation that “serious” cyclists be…

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The Selfishness of Weight Loss

It’s about me and all about me. For most of us that is a pretty difficult statement to make. Since we were little children, we’ve been taught to share and play nice in the sandbox. When I began my weight loss journey, I adopted that philosophy and have learned to be more vocal to myself on giving more priority to my needs and wants.

Let me take a trip back in my magic time machine. At the time when I started exploring weight loss surgery, I was President of my church council, the Events Director of a fraternal organization, and a volunteer to a few other non-profits. My typical work week saw my evening calendar filled with meetings, events and working on documents and plans for these groups. I literally had no time for myself.

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looking back to last year

Today is Brett and my first anniversary. Well, that is our “official” anniversary. Of course there are the other 20 years that were unofficial. Up until this year, we have always celebrated November 17 as our anniversary since it was the day we met. The dilemma has been which one to celebrate. September 19 seems to be the most logical since it is official and…

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an open to letter to friends and family on same sex marriage

Same sex marriage has been in the news quite a bit this summer. Most recently, a federal judge in California ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional. This was the ballot initiative that banned same sex marriage by amending the California Constitution. Although this court action seems like a victory for same sex marriage, it is one step in a long process to marriage equality for gay people….

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Holding Families Together

Here’s a pretty good 4 part video released on YouTube by PFLAG about GLBT teens rejected by their families and PFLAG’s role in the reconciliation process. From the video’s post…Holding Families Together looks at social problems that result when parents reject their LGBT sons and daughters. Teens that come out are more likely to become homeless and turn to drugs, prostitution and crime. When rejected,…

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