It's just time to blog

For some time I’ve toyed with creating a blog. My friend Mike has a pretty cool one, Mike’s Mix. It gave me that extra push to create my own. So, here it is. I am not sure how dedicated I will be to blogging, but I am going into this with a positive attitude.

Something about my blog’s name… Jokie’s Cafe was the name of my dad’s family bar. My grandparents, uncle and father ran this popular neighborhood bar in Alliance, Ohio from prohibition’s end until the mid 80s. I am lucky to have a little piece of Jokie’s in my family room, the back bar from the bar. It reminds me of my years playing with the bar taps and stealing snacks and pop from behind the bar.

Jokie was my dad’s nickname. He was a very popular person in the Alliance area. As very personable and talkative man, my blog seemed like a good tribute to him and our family’s history. Blogs are becoming that neighborhood bar on the web.

Welcome to Jokie’s Café!

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  1. michael March 5, 2006 at 11:47 pm

    welcome to the world of blogs. have fun tom!


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