Graduation Day

I finished cardiac rehab today. I spent 90 minutes, 3 days a week for the past 12 weeks at Summa’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Center. It was a great experience that has given me a lot of confidence to exercise and eat right. My exit stress test went great with me going for 10 minutes, ending at 3 MPH and 20% incline. I was at 11.5 mets… an impressive level for me, the couch potato. My weekly training workload is now at 5 mets.

I attribute a lot of this to Chris, my case worker and the “girls” (Peggy, Cathy, Joy and Denise). They were experts at their job and motivated me to work harder. My Goodyear co-workers, Tom and Larry, also helped me throughout. We formed a bond as a team. I so much appreciated my class. The picture above was taken at my graduation.

I now have the hardest part ahead. I need to keep up the exercise and diet. I want so much to lose more weight. One thing for sure is that I am now mentally and physically able to go that extra mile.

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