A fresh new look

I have blogged since 2006. Darren Rowse, a blogging expert, believes people blog for self-improvement and personal growth, to make money, to have a voice in a community, or to make the world a better place. My motivation echoes this sentiment other than making a profit. I also blog because I just enjoy writing.

My blogging styles

The look, focus, and platform of my blogging has changed over the years. I try to keep my blog fresh and relevant to my life. Retirement shifted the focus of my life. I knew the blog needed a refresh. I put the blog aside for a year. It was not a priority in the first year of my retirement.

It’s time for a blog makeover. I have many new life lessons under my belt. I spent January researching blog trends to determine the new face for the blog. Over the past month, I matched my life vision, goals, interests, and retirement experiences to the approach and style of my blogging.

Lost and found in retirement

Lost and found in retirement, the statement in my blog title, is where I stand today. I find myself lost in a new world and in unfamiliar situations. At the same time, I find myself found as I move forward uncovering my newly retired life.

The topic of living retirement joins the existing focuses of my blog: living a healthy life and staying active and fit. My blog readers will see the latter two expressed in the context of living as a retired person. The blog still has a strong focus on wellness as evidenced in my life vision and goals.

What’s new

My blog has a cleaner look and feel. Flurry, an analytics firm, estimates Americans spend over five hours a day on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The blog is optimized to load pages faster and be more readable on mobile devices.

My technology refresh allows me to easier share photos and media. I can deliver blog updates to my readers who chose to subscribe to my posts. I can push blog posts and news to subscriber’s inboxes.

Explore the changes

Spend some time exploring this snapshot of my life. Older posts reflect were I was in another point of time. I started blogging about my heart attack. I shared favorite recipes. I moved on to weight loss surgery. That lead me to cycling, running, and hiking. Being a healthier and active person ties these posts together.

Become a subscriber. Join me in this journey lost and found in retirement. The subscription form is to the right of this post. Page down to see this form on mobile devices. It’s an easy way to get a look at my current thoughts.

Tom Bilcze
Have some fun today!

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