Changes for the New Year

2014 Akron Half Marathon

Change. The power to make changes overtakes us when the calendar page turns to January 1. Resolutions are made.  Diets become healthier. Visits to the gym resume. Bad habits are banished to history.  It’s a clean slate and chance to be a new person.

This familiar pattern repeats itself every year. Unfortunately when the calendar page is turned to February 1, most of those changes are gone or fading fast. That is the problem with New Year resolutions. They are spurred by emotions and excitement with not much support.

In late 2010 I invested a good bit of time building a wellness vision. It is a big picture statement of how you see your overall health and wellbeing for a period of time. It’s built in a reflective manner that uncovers your values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and dreams. Part of the visioneering process is identifying and setting goals that help meet and stretch that vision.

2014 60th Birthday D.C. to Pitt Cycling Tour
2014 60th Birthday D.C. to Pitt Cycling Tour

This last month I revisited my wellness vision and goals for the fifth year. They have remained fairly consistent but evolved to reflect the changes in my life. The process makes me much more accountable than do my pre-2011 resolutions.

Here are some highlights of this year’s wellness vision.

I am a happy, healthy person who draws on my talents, life experiences and passions to motivate myself and others to be mentally, emotionally and physically fit. – Tom’s Wellness Vision

  1. Social networking takes on a new flavor. Gone is Replaced with It is more than just a change in name, graphics and presentation. I defined my life over the past seven years as bariatric surgery post-op. I now see it as just one part of who I am. My blogging will reflect a bariatric perspective but will concentrate more on change and motivation by living an active healthy happy life.
  2. Motivation teams up with advocacy. These are two things that really make me tick. I am investing more effort in helping others achieve goals and be happier persons. I continue my leadership roles in cycling, running and hiking organizations. I want to translate my involvement into positive results in others and not just my personal life.
  3. Being an active person has transformed my life. That is something I could not imagine saying in 2007. 2014 saw me completing my first half marathon and repeating my weeklong Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. cycling tour with some of my best cycling buddies for my 6oth birthday. 2015 will be a time when I continue my growth in cycling, hiking and running to an even higher level.

Life is good when you live it to the fullest.
Tom Bilcze

Stingray @ Grand Cayman Islands


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