Who's still speaking?

There has been a lot of disappointing news this past week. Our government seems to be leaving the principles of democracy and headed for a conservative Christian theocracy. Our Senator DeWine has joined the chorus with the likes of Ken Blackwell in courting the conservative Christian right-wing in supporting U.S. Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. It’s an obvious ploy to garner more votes similar to the presidential election tactics used by the Republican Party in the last election.

I am amazed how this amendment clearly flies in the face of the basis of American democracy. Things like equal rights for women and rights for blacks did not have to withstand the tests that equal rights for gays must stand. It is even more amazing how complacent people are in surrendering theirs rights to a band of Republican terrorists who are hell bent on nullifying minority rights and programs to benefit the underprivileged and poor. There seems to be more value placed on personal wealth, influence and adherence to a conservative Christian norm. The sign has been definitely placed on the doors to America, “You are welcome as long as you are white, middle-upper class, Christian and Republican. Those otherwise can stay and be quiet and leave if you don’t like it!”

Amidst this depressing week was one bright spot from the United Church of Christ. Their new ad campaign, the follow-up to their “Still Speaking” campaign was released. The commercial says it all in 30 seconds. I urge you to watch this ad at the UCC web site. It is edgy and I am sure that the networks will again refuse to air it. It shows those out of the Christian norm being thrown out of a church service in ejector seat pews.

Enough for the editorializing. I feel better now.

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  1. Anonymous April 12, 2006 at 2:13 pm

    Very well said, Tom.


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