Out in the Church

Having served in many church volunteer roles over my life, I never have attended an ELCA Churchwide Assembly. This year I decided to run as a delegate representing NE Ohio. Completing the profile for the balloting, I made a decision to run with my GLBT church activism evident. This runs counter to the majority of GLBT folk who omit these items from their profile. The thought is that the chance of being elected is greater without identifying GLBT group support and affiliation. This goes against my belief that GLBT people need to make their presence known within the church. To most churchgoers GLBT people are invisible and non-existent. Seeing one active in the church needs to be more commonplace. I may not be elected, but I believe my visibility as a gay man is important. The profile above appears in the election material sent to over 200 churches and 600+ delegates to the June assembly at the Knight Center.

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