Happy Mothers Day

Today we celebrated Mothers Day with my mother, Marie Bilcze. She is 87 and the sole survivor of six siblings. The past 7 or so years have been tough for my mom. She has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, which continues to “steal” more of her from us as the years go by. Today, she barely recognizes my brother Joe and Nancy, her caregiver. She may occasionally say my name, but its probably due to my brother reminding her constantly.

Alzheimer’s is an interesting disease. My mother has not been devastated by cancer or other life threatening diseases. She actually appears quite content. It’s hard on our family remembering a vibrant person who attended church and volunteered a lot. She worked hard as a school cook after my dad died in 1970. Times were tight for us as my brother and I attended college in the early 70s. My sister was killed in a car-train accident in 1975. Through these events my mother kept up the faith, worked and lived her life the best she could.

So, today I made many of her favorites, and we enjoyed her time with us. I think that is what Mother’s Day is really about. The photo above, taken today, is my mother and brother.

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