Top Chef

Brett and I are not avid reality show watchers. Sometimes one comes along that catches our attention. This year we really got into Bravo’s Top Chef series. We thought it was just a little edgier than most reality shows. We loved the challenges. One week contestants had to prepare a meal using convenience store food. In another episode, they catered a gay commitment reception for 100 with 16 hours notice. This week’s episode is the season finale in Las Vegas. The finalists are all good chefs and pretty entertaining.

First, there’s Harold who I believe will come away the winner. He’s pretty inventive and an all-around nice guy. His dishes have always been a cut above the others. He is very analytical in his approach to cooking.

Tiffani is my least favorite contestant. I would have booted her out a lot earlier. She is actually quite a b*tch. She has talent but is constantly talking down to and making fun of others, not what you want to see in a winner.

Finally, there’s Dave. Stealing Lindsay Lohan’s line from Mean Girls, “He’s almost too gay to function!” Dave is the classic b*tchy, nervous, emotional and witty queen. He was probably the most practical contestant all season. He puts his heart into the cooking and really likes strong flavors.

We’ll see how Wednesday’s finale goes. I still think Harold will take the Top Chef honors. He’s got the talent, ability to manage a kitchen and is very innovative in his recipes. Dave’s a long shot, but I will not be surprised if he pulls it off. His dishes are usually a reincarnation of comfort food with a creative and surprising twist. It’s easy to identify with his cooking.

I hope the judges have enough sense to not pick Tiffani. Her kitchen staff would be in constant turmoil. She has some growing up to do. And… what’s with like that spelling… Tiffani? Like, is she like the new Whoopi?

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