Mid-summer TV Reviews

The summer TV season continues with some pleasant surprises. I love the cooking reality shows. Hell’s Kitchen is really getting hot. It’s too cool that the Waffle House cook is holding her own and still in the running. Top Chef Miami is also getting bitchy. Dale, the gay contestant, is doing well but almost got booted this week.

One surprise is the NBC show, America’s Got Talent. There is a lot of trash in the show. The real stars are the chubby folks. Cas Haley, a bearish reggae singer is just the best! He us so unassuming and humble. He has sung some Sting songs better than Sting. His voice is so distinctive. I think he has a shot at winning. Then there are the Glamazons, three generously proportioned women who dress sexy and belt out the tunes. They are an amazing act. Their Lady Marmalade was so good. I think that they are Cas’s biggest challengers. They are down to the top 20 next week. Watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

Of course, there’s Hey Paula and Kathy Griffin… both funny shows that have no redeeming value but are as funny as can be. Let’s face it,; is there any gayer network than Bravo!?

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