Heroes and Jericho

I haven’t been impressed with television over the past two years. I have a mild interest in reality shows. I love Bravo’s Top Chef. This year promises to be another good season.

NBC has a terrific hit in Heroes on Monday night. I find it very innovative with good characters and some of the best storylines I’ve seen. It’s also a good mix of science fiction, adventure, drama and mystery… something for everyone. Add to this, a series that unravels like a good novel. I think it’s the best series to come along since Lost. You need to watch it this coming Monday.

Jericho is another series on my “hit” list. Similar to Heroes and Lost, each week builds on the prior week. It’s set in a small Kansas town after nuclear attacks seem to have obliterated major American cities. I like it because it plays on the 1960’s atomic attack fears; bridging it with current day terrorist threats and 3rd world nuclear capabilities. The acting is so-so and the story lines just OK to date. It’s the concept and surprises that keep me coming back.

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