Definitely Too Gay to Function

Well, Dave bit the dust the other night. He was definitely too gay to function this week. He was doing great in the three challenges. They were pretty good. They worked room service and had to make dishes for three different groups: high rollers in the penthouse, poker players in the poker lounge and performers at Cirque du Soleil. He won the poker room challenge.

His downfall was the Cirque challenge. He was so nervous that he forgot he had to make three dishes. He made two that got rave reviews with one being the performer’s favorite. It was all the Tiffani needed since she did poorly. Too bad to see him go, but I am sure he will do well with the show’s publicity.

The finale is next week. I was wrong. It’s down to Harold and Tiffani. No challenge there. He’ll blow her away; he always has. If she wins, it’s definitely not a fair game.

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