Too Busy to Blog

This past week has been so busy. Brett and I worked all weekend in the yard. Oh, a condo looks so good right now! I wanted to mulch this weekend. For us that means 12-15 yards to put down. My cardiologist said that I should avoid overly stressful jobs and actions putting pressure on my sternum. I think I can handle this, but I checked with landscapers today at Brett’s urging. I hate the thought of not doing it myself. We’ll see. We may just wait a few weeks.

I had my Synod LBGT Task Force meeting tonight. We had some great ideas pop-up at the meeting. I avoided over-volunteering.

I have been pretty excited about the actions of Equality Ohio. I like the idea of their house parties to expose your friends, neighbors and co-workers to the plight of the rights of LBGT people in Ohio. I hope that Brett and I can host one these meeting this coming summer. Our schedules seem to always be so full. We need to make time for one of these.

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