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Brett and I are fans of the Sordid Lives movie. We first saw it while on a cruise several years back. We immediately bought it when we returned home. A few New Year’s back we hosted a Sordid New Year’s Eve party and screened the film. It turned out to be a blast.

If you are not familiar with the movie, it is about a young gay man who returns to rural Texas from West Hollywood to attend his grandmother’s funeral. He is coming out and deals with a dysfunctional, amusing family. Olivia Newton John, Delta Burke and Leslie Jordan (Beverly Leslie from Will and Grace) starred in the movie along with a pretty funny cast.

Logo cablenetwork is currently airing Sordid Lives: the Series based on the movie and has been showing it over the past three weeks. It is a prequel to the movie and sets the stage for how Brother Boy ended up in the psych ward and his grandmother died tripping over her lover’s wooden leg in a cheap motel room. (Rue McClanahan from the Golden Girls is the grandmother in this series.) Oops… I don’t want to spoil the series if you haven’t watched it yet.

Last night’s episode was a hoot. I love Sissy, the big haired gossip, who is always smoking a cigarette. She’s in the center of the pic I posted with this entry. Last night she shot and killed a trespassing goat and then tried to make it appear to be an accident by repeatedly running over it with her car. I know that is highly inappropriate but was funny as hell.

I also like that they took Olivia Newton John’s part and made her a major character. She didn’t have much of a part in the original movie. I forgot how well she can act. She does a great job as a Texas roadhouse country western singer.

Watch or record Sordid Lives on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on Logo. You won’t regret it. Be prepared to laugh you’re a** off!

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  1. Anonymous August 21, 2008 at 6:29 pm

    This series is FUNNY!
    It’s not just for gays, it helps straights see the
    light side of gay life, especially the senior
    audience. I have friends who have come out to
    their family by watching “Sordid Lives” with them.
    This show deals with the human condition in
    a delightfully wacky way.
    Do yourself a favor, get on the bandwagon,
    yu wont be sorry.

  2. Anonymous August 24, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    Hey thanks for the plug (google alerts brought me to your blog). I'm reposting something from my myspace blog so your readers can catch up on the show!


    Dear Sordid fans —

    LOGO has just informed us that due to Labor day and people generally being on vacation the last 2 weeks of August, there will be no new episodes of "Sordid Lives: The Series" for the next two Wednesdays – August 27 & September 3rd. They are however re-running the hell out of the first five, so just go to:

    for all episode schedules.

    Then to really catch up, on September the 10th, there is a marathon of the first six episodes starting at 7:30 (EST) with a new episode at 10PM ("Call Waiting" which features a tour de force performance by Ann Walker). Six episodes in a row!!! I smell some viewing parties!

    Spread the word!

    Del Shores

  3. Anonymous August 28, 2008 at 4:23 am

    Hi Del,
    I was wondering about the SOUTHERN
    BAPTIST SISSIES movie that is suppose to be made. Is that still a go? And will Delta Burke be in it?
    Thanks much and CONGRATS on the tv show!

  4. kcbelles September 26, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    So cool – I didn’t realize there was a movie first. I caught a few episodes by accident, and my partner came out to find out why I was laughing so hard. Now she’s into it, too. Gotta go find the movie, now….


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