Dinner Plans, Anyone?

Tonight, a group of my co-workers went to Your Dinner Plans in the Belden Village area. Brett and I joined the group, along with my pal Kelly from Roadway. We had a great time. I highly recommend it. We drank wine, snacked on the stuffed bread and had a fun evening cooking.

At You Dinner Plans, you assemble 8-12 meals to be frozen and cooked at your pleasure. We chose the 1/2 portion option and came home with 18 meals. The dishes look so good. You use fresh ingredients. The place is immaculately clean.

I can’t wait to try our dishes. We made raspberry glazed pork chops, barbecue pork loin, stacked chicken burritos, Mexican Chicken, broccoli pasta with bacon, dill salmon, Asian flank steak, and stuffed braided bread. They all look so professional and tasty.

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