Reflections from this past weekend

I arrived back home late last night from my weekend Lutherans Concerned leadership retreat in Maryland. It was a phenomenal experience. I didn’t know what to expect going into the 5 day weekend. I came out very much energized and more aware of what it takes to make Lutherans Concerned work.

The days were very long, usually from 9:00 a,m, – 9:00 p.m. with socializing in our hospitality suite until late at night. I was fortunate to have a good room mate, Steve. We often talked for another hour when we got back to our room. I met so many friendly and diverse people. It was not just the normal GLBT group. We were joined by many allies. A more interesting facet was the fact that the group had a fair representation of people of color and native Americans.

I saw the weekend as a transforming event for Lutherans Concerned. The organization has definitely picked up the pace. Ministries are now traveling many different paths in many shapes. It is no longer just that small band of gay and lesbian people. It is now an organization embracing people of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, ages and races working together for full inclusion of all people in the Lutheran churches.

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