Tom’s Story

I was asked to contribute my story as a gay Christian to a project where experiences of GLBT Lutherans are being compiled for publication. I decided to post it here.

Tom’s Story

I was born and raised in a rural Midwestern industrial city in the 50s and 60s where church and family were one. My family attended a large conservative Lutheran congregation with strong German traditions. Sex and sexuality were not appropriate topics in the church and were never discussed.

Coming out in my mid 20s, I sought to reconcile my sexuality and life in the church. From my upbringing and surroundings, I saw my relationship to God as being somehow broken. This led me to hide my true self from my church family. I became aware of other gays and lesbians within the church living in a “don’t ask, don’t tell”
atmosphere in the pews; welcomed but not fully.

I work within the Church to make the Christian tradition of a church family, celebrating our good times together and supporting each other in bad times, a reality for GLBT families. A Family of God welcomes all into the family.

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