Churchwide – Wednesday Lunch Report

This morning we covered a variety of topics in session. One of the most interesting things was a keynote from an African Bishop. I am sorry that I do not have here name with me. She was so dynamic. She spoke about discrimination of females in Africa and the terrible crimes against humanity. At one point she spoke about the importance of fully including gays and lesbians in the church. She got a standing ovation (only one in our delegation sat).
At another point, they announce the young clergy (under 32) meeting on Navy Pier. They panned the camera to them. There was a sea of rainbow scarves and pins. That was so good to see. Well, I am back to sessions this afternoon. We got a nice box lunch in an insulated ELCA lunch bag. I am going to dinner tonight with several people from the synod and then off to the Goodsoil service.

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