Churchwide – Tuesday P.M.

It was the busiest day so far. Late in the afternoon session, the discussion of the sexuality resolutions came up. It was held as a quasi quorum as a whole. It is basically a parliamentary thing where the governing session is adjourned, the Bishop remains presiding, and is an open time for discussion where no motions can be made. I made it to the microphone fast but was at the wrong one. When I got the correct side, I was too far back in line to speak. It was a pretty good session. I think people got a good idea of both positions.

Last night was the big Goodsoil worship service. It was phenomenal! Over 650 people were in attendance. It was one of the most beautiful and spiritual worship services that I have ever attended. It was held in the round. I would say over 50 pastors processed in, most have been removed from the roster. It was very moving. Pr. Brad Schmeling preached and the Bishop of the New England Synod presided. There were so many pastors and bishops attending.

Bishop Eaton and Pr. Ron Zoesch, one of her assistants, attended the session with me, along with Denise Leslie. I was so happy to see her come. I can’t even describe how it felt to have them there. It’s a tough time now and that support meant a lot. She is a wonderful person. I have gotten to know her this week. She is so much the right person for that position. We are so fortunate in NE Ohio.

Afterward, I had to attend some Goodsoil meetings. The night voting member caucus is very good. I am learning a lot about resolutions, motions and parliamentary stuff. It all goes so late. My days run from 6:30 a.m. Regional Coordinator meeting to 11:00 p.m. or so caucuses. I’ve done it three days straight and I am pretty tired.

This afternoon, the actual sexuality memorials come to the floor. I hope to get a chance to speak. I made sure I know what for and against means at the microphones for these resolutions. I am praying that things go well and a fair discussion is held.

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