Churchwide – Thursday

The Memorials Committee brought the sexuality memorials to the floor for consideration Thursday afternoon. As you can imagine, there was a flurry of motions, amendments and discussions. The first memorial to come to the floor was the blessing of same sex relationships. This memorial failed with hardly any discussion. That was what the inclusive folks wanted to happen for some parliamentary reasons. So, don’t think that it was totally bad. Stay tuned.

The next memorial was the rostering of gay and lesbian clergy and the Memorials Committee to recommend delay until the 2009 Sexuality Study. This got a lot of attention and was the subject of discussion until the session ended. The Bishop of the Milwaukee Synod introduced a substitute resolution to consider it now. The good news is that the assembly voted to consider this substitute, and that is what is happening.

The mood is pretty civil. Discussions are going well. We are stopping for silent and verbal prayer every 20 minutes. Pro and against microphones are being alternated. It is very interesting to watch the politics of this in action.

Last night the synod delegation went to dinner at Bucca de Beppo. Everyone went and we had a ball. It is truly a nice group of people. I am glad we had a social time for the group. I got to know a few more people better during dinner and the walks to and from the restaurant.

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