It’s already Friday!?!?!

Why do vacation weeks go so fast and work weeks go so slow? Today was a full day for us. We woke up to no electricity and decided to venture out early. We turned out spending the whole day on a road trip.

We started with some shopping in Duck. We had lunch at Pigman’s BBQ in Kill Devil Hills. It was the best! We all came out so stuffed. It was then on to the Bodie Island lighthouse. We spent some time walking the marsh trail in the park.

Next it was on to miniature golf. We had so much fun. It was sort of pirate themed. Brett won the round. It was near the Wright Brothers’ Memorial. We visited the national park and climbed the sand dune to the monument. It turned out to be a good time. I wasn’t sure that it would be that exciting. I was glad we took the time to tour the grounds and listen to the park ranger’s presentation.
Tonight was my night to cook. I made chicken Parmesan with spaghetti. It was areal hit! I thinwe’ll be playing Phase 10 tonight. We played it last night. It took almost 3 hours to finish the game. Congrats to Mike, the winner and a Phase10 virgin.
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